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Wishing you the merriest Christmas!

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Dear family, friends, collectors, students, and galleries: Thank you! Your encouragement and continued support of my art allows me to do what I love: paint!

My wish for you - that you have a holiday filled with those near and dear to you, and a heart full of gratitude, peace and happiness. And of course good health!

Being creative extends outside the studio. Friends and I gathered to create our own wreaths for the holidays. Watch out. I have been known to ride around with clippers in my car in December!

Looking Ahead to 2022

The years are going by faster than ever. So I am setting some goals for 2022.

Organization is one: It is a bit broad, but I want to clean up my computer (and my office). Two: get more purposeful in my painting (plan out my series and follow-through).

Three: sketch from life daily even if only for 15 minutes.

The list goes on. What’s your new year’s resolution!

I also want to teach more. My January class filled up so fast, I am hoping to offer another one in the spring. Sign up for my newsletter and you will be the first to hear when I announce a class. They are small and fill up quickly, so keep in touch.

I teach using a limited palette, so you will not need all these paints!


I've Been Busy In The Studio.

My work is shown at Cotswold Marketplace and at Common Good Co. in Boone, NC. And of course you are always welcome to visit my studio, here in Charlotte and see what I have in the works. I have just finished up many holiday commissions, which I love to paint. Feel free to contact me if you have a particular memory you want painted. I would be honored to discuss.


I wish I could share more commissions here, but I will have to wait until after Christmas.


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