let's create your forever piece

I am delighted to create a custom piece of art for you that can be handed down for generations. Working together, we'll make sure the size and design works for the space with this simple process.

Initial phone call to discuss request and pricing and schedule a meeting.


Meet in studio to review subject, style, and size. Determine if photo shoot is needed.


Conduct photo shoot, if needed. Email the best options from the photo shoot for review.


Meet at the client’s house or office to finalize subject, colors, size, and framing in final location.


Send sketch for the client’s approval. One third of commission is due upon approval of sketch.


Send photo of painting when 75 percent complete for review or have the client review in studio.


Once the painting is complete, the client can make minor changes prior to varnishing and framing.


Varnish, frame, and deliver to the client.


White Cow | 40 x 40 | Sold
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Christ Episcopal | 11 x 14 | Sold
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Only Child | 20 x 20 | Sold
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Sister | 14 x 11 | Sold
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Fresh | 16 x 20 | Sold
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Hunt | 36 x 48 | Sold
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