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Hot Fun in the Summertime

Here in North Carolina the temps are high, but it's been exciting to escape the heat, now that travel is back! David and I took the opportunity to go visit friends and family in San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and Denver, CO. Love the east coast, but hello west coast for painting inspiration! Here's a peak at what inspired me!

And back home in Charlotte, I got to work! See full California trip recap here


Came Home. Contracted Covid.

But I made the best of quarantine restrictions by plein air painting in my own backyard. It is easier to paint in one's studio, but painting from life is the better practice. All better now.


Join Me On This Journey. Come Learn To Paint!

I'll be teaching a couple two-day workshops this September. All levels welcome. Be among the first to learn all the details to enroll. Just scroll down to the bottom of my homepage and sign up to get my news. As soon as I have all the details finalized, I will let you know!


On a personal note, beach time with friends and family says summer fun. Life is so good. Hope you and yours are enjoying vacation time too.


To see all of my available paintings, visit my website or check out my Instagram. Patti Ratcliffe | 1630 Providence Drive, Charlotte, NC 28211 | 704.451.3381 © 2022 Ratcliffe Art

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Jai Covington
Jai Covington
Jul 27, 2022

Hi Patti! Always a sucker for a lemon still life! Is the painting you have in the update for sale? Glad you had a great holiday...(except for the Covid part!)

Kind Regards-

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