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Art Studio Renovation and Painter's Tip

I am excited to share my new wall system easel. In an effort to paint larger and more "in series," Stan Gathwright, Charlotte carpenter and painter, built this for me. Thanks Stan!

Due to the slight angle I also use clamps to hold my canvas in place.


Art Tip When it comes time to clean out your turpentine bin, I save the sediment (aka gunk) in the bottom! First I pour off the clean turp and then remove the gunk to a jar. When mixing colors, I add it to my oils. This helps to unify the colors and extend the paint a bit.

Barn Series from NC Blue Ridge Mountains Commissions I would love to paint what you love... your favorite lake, home, pet, etc. Feel free to contact me to discuss what you might want painted for yourself or others. or 704-451-3381.


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